Richmond Famous is a bimonthly podcast about creative folks doing creative things in food in Richmond, Virginia. Hosted, produced and edited by Nicole Lang Key and Laura Sant, every episode features a badass local or RVA-curious person in the food & beverage industry that you ought to know about. 

Join us every other Monday for stories and interviews featuring the amazing humans who grow, produce, prepare, and think about the food we eat in Richmond: we're talking with chefs, bartenders, entrepreneurs, historians, artists, activists, and everyone in-between at our kitchen table.

About the Hosts


Nicole Lang

Originally from Massachusetts, Nicole gave her youth to NYC and when it was spent decided to move to Richmond in 2010, after visiting and falling for the friendly people and reasonably priced food and drink.

She's been a bakery owner, a singer in a touring band, a prep cook, a record store girl, an operations manager, and a jingle writer. She's a big fan of common courtesy, pimento cheese, peace and progress. She likes to write about food and people and also sometimes make films about food and people. 

Aside from podcasting, Nicole has dabbled in writing, tiptoed in filmmaking, and had stints performing in rock and/or roll outfits. She has worked in restaurant operations since 2012.

When not eating and drinking she enjoys television and taking out books from the library to gather dust on her bedside table until its time to return them. 

Laura Sant

Laura fell in love with Richmond for the first time in 2000, when she moved here as a tiny baby college student to study graphic design. After a few years working as an art director, she realized she hated advertising, loved food, and was constitutionally incapable of staying focused on one thing, so she left for Chicago, where she spent several years studying pastry and working in restaurants and bakeries. The food thing stuck, and in 2012 she moved to NYC to work as an editor at Saveur.

She fell in love with Richmond a second time when she began dating a Richmonder and realized there are still places in the world where you can have a washer-dryer in your home, a cocktail for $9, and a 15-minute commute. So in 2016, she packed up her tiny Brooklyn apartment and made Richmond her home for the second time.

These days she works as a freelance writer and illustrator and lives with that Richmonder in a house in Church Hill, where they wash their clothes whenever they feel like it.